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Tax Attorneys

Legal Assistance for Expats



If you are an American and you live outside the United States, you have still the obligation to file federal tax returns and pay your amount due. With internet services, filing these tax returns are made efficient and easier with the help of tax professionals majoring in international tributary law.


The best ally for expats is an international CPA in preparing strategies that can give expats several legal exclusions, write offs or breaks that are available, while at the same time all regulatory requirements are met for the expat.


The US Code from FBAR is very complex that runs to 75,000 pages. Some of these complicated and detailed provisions are about the rights and responsibilities of US citizens who are living abroad. Getting an attorney specializing in international taxation can help in strategizing the expat's taxation with a possibility of lower tariffs. 


If you are a US citizen who wants to have a legal entity in the country abroad where you are residing, you can receive your salary without subjecting your income to the US self-employment tax. Therefore, if you are planning to have this foreign entity, it is advisable to have an attorney specializing in international tax to guide you in the process and in choosing the appropriate legal considerations and structures.


In the event that an expat would experience some problems with the IRS regarding the expat's tax return or document supports, the international lawyer can represent the expat. This action alone can give a positive impression and influence on the final outcome of the investigation of the IRS. Know more about ovdp.


It is highly recommended that expats should get initial advices from the tax attorney instead of getting the services when a problem with the IRS occur. Many legal problems can be avoided if international accounting and legal veterans are consulted from the start.  These attorneys with international tax expertise can identify potential problems that can be remedied before they become major concerns.


It is considered a criminal crime, and there are penalties for these, if an expat does not file tax returns. There are deadlines in filing and other criteria fit for expats. The services of an attorney in the international tax expertise can be a great help in this situation. There is a firm that specializes in the tax issues of expats. You can look at the internet and website to get a good idea of its services with regards to the taxation of expats.